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Calligraphy (See 34 paintings)
Bar Mitzvah  Bat Mitzvah  Illustration  Wedding/Ketubah

Nira's interest in the interweaving of calligraphy and illumination originated when working as a teacher in a primary school. She was asked to illustrate a storybook.

Following that, she was commissioned to design Season's Greeting cards.

Several years ago, while looking for a unique and original gift for a wedding, Nira decided to take the original invitation that she received and create a one-of-a-kind illustration, based on the original invitation design.

The recipient loved the gift so much, that Nira creates unique interpretations of many invitations she receives, for the bride and groom, or bar/bat mitzvah celebrants - adding something very special to their occasion.

The most difficult, yet satisfying calligraphy project, is the production of a Jewish marriage contract (a Ketubah). This is lengthy document, must be error-free, and the illustration usually reflects something special about the bride and groom.

Nira accepts commissions for calligraphy and illumination.

Because each work is tailor-made and original, Nira finds out a little about the person, their likes, their aspiration, their memories, favorite color, monogram, etc. and incorporates these into the illustration.

If you would like to commemorate a special occasion with a personalized work of art, using calligraphy and illumination, Nira would be delighted to help you. The commission can be similiar to one of the works in this gallery or, based on your ideas, completely different.

Nira will submit a sketch for approval.

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