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Landscapes (See 59 paintings)
Jerusalem  Israel  Brazil and Hong Kong 

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These landscapes are painted on stretched canvas using artist's quality oil paints. Inspiration for these works comes from the various countries where Nira has lived.

Each country and its climate translate into different atmospheres. In each place the intensity of the sun gives the sky a slightly different tone which also translates to the light and shadows in the painting. Nira favors capturing a landscape when the play of light and shadow gives the best representation of form.

Vibrant colours and attention to detail are such that whenever a viewer returns to the paintings he will find something new to admire. Some of the landscapes, such as the ones painted in Central Park, New York, were done and completed onsite, under the direction of George Passantino, a great American artist. Some start off as sketches and are completed in the studio while others are based on snap shots.

The original or the giclee of the paintings in this gallery are for sale. Contact Nira if you would like to commission a painting based on your personal photographs. Nira would be available to travel and depict your favorite landscape based on sketches and photographs. Click the title above to see more paintings and get a closer look.