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Portraits (See 54 paintings)
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A portrait is a work of art passed from one generation to the next, becoming a family heirloom.

You would expect a portrait painting to look like the subject, but Nira goes beyond that, engaging the viewer with a personality that comes alive in the room.

Subjects in the colourful Characters Gallery are mostly based on black and white photographs from the book "Image Before my Eyes" with permission from YIVO Institute for Jewish Research. Others have been based on pictures from calendars, magazines and various books.

The portraits in the Ceremonial, Family and Professional galleries are painted either from sittings, from a combination of observation and photographs or in the case of posthumous paintings, from photographs.

While traveling, Nira has studied the old masters and her character portraits reflect that influence. Nira uses the traditional grisaille method of underpainting, the building of thin glazes to produce a painting in the luminous classical realistic style of the old masters. A portrait may take several months to complete not only because of the drying time between the layers of paint, but because of attention to detail and the high quality finish. Nira makes every effort to create a work that will satisfy you completely.

Many of the portraits in this gallery were commissions which are now in private collections. Contact Nira for sales or commissions. Click the title above to see more paintings and get a closer look.