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Nira Spitz - Fine Art

Using oils and watercolours, Nira creates vivid images of landscapes, scenes and classic style portraits as well as penning traditional calligraphy for wedding invitations and bar mitzvahs.

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To see the catalog of the Bet Gabriel solo exhibition (August - October, 2011) click here.

The life size portrait on the left, portraying the director of the Inhotim Institute in Brazil, Bernardo Paz, was donated to this museum and will be on display soon.

One of the places where you can see paintings by Nira is at the Binyamin Gallery, # 30 King George Street, Jerusalem, Israel.
Also showing at the Marrache Gallery, # 11 Dubnov Street, Talbieh, Jerusalem, Israel.

Nira accepts commissions. For more information, please see galleries or contact Nira.